Cheney WA and Spokane WA Website Development & Responsive Mobile Web Design

In all areas of Spokane County and globally we service websites. We charge a low monthly hosting fee and rock bottom prices. All work is performed here in Spokane and Cheney WA. We develop small websites to large complex web applications. Our pricing is very low because we use the latest technologies and the know how to get the website completed efficiently within time and budgets.

Launch a Responsive Website

Responsive Website Development

Utilizing experience and proven techniques we can quickly engineer you a responsive website reasonably within your budget.

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Mobile Website Design

All our websites come standard with a mobile site. We do this by utilizing responsive design.

SEO Strategies

Your website can look like a million dollars however if no-one is viewing it then SEO services will help you gain traffic. Most of this work is in the structure, and written content however it always changes.

About Us

Creo Technica is all about earning your trust, and helping you market your business online from websites, technical services, media services, graphic design services, and social media.


We are a entirely Veteran owned entity and locally operated and employed in Eastern Washington. We believe in keeping everything as local as possible to improve your community and that means zero outsourcing of employees as well delivering websites that local business’s and other entities can afford.

Long Term

Our strategy continues to assist your business with the latest proven technologies for the long term. We really do want your business to succeed for the long term because that is our interest. Responsive website design and technical services are delivered to you at low cost because we believe in a long term business relationship.

History and Future of Websites

We use to sell websites to clients when phone books were king. Prospective clients would tell us “I have a full page phone book ad, I’ll never need a website.” and now it is the complete opposite. By researching the latest technologies and trends we stay on top of the wave of technology. This current wave of technology regarding websites is presently getting your business not only online if it hasn’t already but as well upgrading your website to be responsive.

A responsive website in the Spokane WA area will enable a customer to view your website from on there traditional desktop computer or laptop and as well from there tablet or phone.

Responsive Website Design

Our services are on the leading cutting edge of technology and we provide responsive website design to the greater Cheney WA and Spokane WA area.

One Website Responsive to Multiple Types of Devices

Responsive websites let your website show up correctly on devices with different size screens so the website will look great (responsive) to a small phone (mobile website) and tablet, as well desktop or laptop screen sizes. Any website while viewing on your tablet or phone when you have to zoom in, it is not using responsive website design practices.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a combined design and technical approach that adapts the layout and interaction of a website working optimally across an array of devices from the same underlying codebase.

Creo Technica here in the Cheney Spokane WA area engineers your responsive website to display correctly for the user from any desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet, phone and orientation.

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Veteran discounts for any veteran or spouse on all of our services. We have student discounts as well as senior discounts.